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Did you know that the majority of platypus sightings in the wild happen in The Mackay Region? It’s no wonder visitors from all over the world can be found searching the freshwater billabongs for a glimpse of the little creatures.

But finding them is not an easy feat and requires a mix of patience and local know-how.  

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Top 5 Reasons you need to be seen at The Mackay Beach Races

Kick off your shoes, grab a glass of champagne and get the sand between your toes because it’s a race day of a different kind.

Set on the stunning Mackay Harbour Beach, the iconic Mackay Airport Beach Horse Racing Festival encapsulates some of the things Queensland is famous for - sun, sand, surf, fashion and sport and wraps it up into one unique event.

The event was founded by the late Mick Pope; a man who was as charismatic and energetic as his race day vision. While Mick’s passing was felt farand wide, it also ignited the flame for his partner Chrissy Evangelou and the local community to carry on his vision to run ‘an event like no other’.

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By Amanda Wright

Cuddled a koala? Fed a kangaroo? Held a baby crocodile?

These are all common wildlife experiences that many visitors to Australia are keen to tick off their bucket-lists, but have you tried finding a platypus in the wild? Platypus are only found in Australia and only inhabit a small proportion of the country. Broken River, a tranquil rainforest environment in Eungella National Park, is considered to be the best place in the world for seeing wild platypus in their natural environment.


Photo: Get up close & personal to the curious platypus in Eungella National Park. 

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13 things to do in Mackay on land, sea and sky

Camping, fishing and swimming with platypus, oh my! There are more than a few things to do in Mackay that will have you feeling all Bear Grylls.

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7 of the best sunrise and sunset spots in Mackay

Where you need to be in Mackay to capture golden hour.

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