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By Amanda Wright

Cuddled a koala? Fed a kangaroo? Held a baby crocodile?

These are all common wildlife experiences that many visitors to Australia are keen to tick off their bucket-lists, but have you tried finding a platypus in the wild? Platypus are only found in Australia and only inhabit a small proportion of the country. Broken River, a tranquil rainforest environment in Eungella National Park, is considered to be the best place in the world for seeing wild platypus in their natural environment.


Photo: Get up close & personal to the curious platypus in Eungella National Park. 

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13 things to do in Mackay on land, sea and sky

Camping, fishing and swimming with platypus, oh my! There are more than a few things to do in Mackay that will have you feeling all Bear Grylls.

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7 of the best sunrise and sunset spots in Mackay

Where you need to be in Mackay to capture golden hour.

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5 ways to get a natural high in Mackay

Hop on a beach with a kangaroo, reel in a massive barramundi or zip-line through a rainforest canopy – Mackay makes it easy to find your natural high.

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Hooked on Mackay – Top 5 fishing spots

Meet “mad keen fisherman” Luke Galea and get the scoop of the best fishing spots in The Mackay Region, then watch as the barramundi, mangrove jack and salmon come flocking!

Original author: Matt Raimondo
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