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A REEL good time fishing Mackay

It’s 6am on any given Saturday or Sunday morning, and many of us are catching up on sleep – not exactly a time we would expect to find a traffic jam. Go down to your nearest boat ramp any weekend morning however you’ll be amazed at the number of vehicles, boats and trailers lined up ready for fun day on the water.

Mackay boasts one of the highest rates of boat ownership in Australia with one boat registered for every eight residents. Many of these boats exist for one reason – fishing, and The Mackay Region and its visitors are hooked on it. Puns aside The Mackay Region is fast becoming Australia’s premier fishing destination.

Silver Cobbler - Daniel Brown

From the professional angler and their custom-made fishing boat, to the child with a simple $5 handline - the Mackay Region offers world class fishing to suit all tastes and skill levels.


So, what exactly makes Mackay a fishing Mecca? For starters, the region offers anglers a huge variety of target species and fishing locations. Within 45 minutes you can be fishing at a tropical reef, rainforest stream, blue water river, a sandy estuary or an inland dam. A beautiful climate and excellent fishing and boating facilities, creates world class fishing 365 days a year.

The best way to experience fishing in our region is with Jason Kidd, who operates Inshore Fishing Mackay. With over 25 years experience fishing The Mackay Region, Jason makes those fishing dreams and tall stories a reality. I recently experienced a fishing charter with Inshore Fishing Mackay, and it’s a must do experience for locals and visitors.

This is not your typical fishing. Forget the hour journey offshore, spending half the day being sea sick, and spending the other half getting tangled up with the 10 other anglers onboard the boat. Inshore Fishing Mackay offers charters for 1-3 anglers, meaning, expert advice and maximum fishing throughout your charter.

With personalized tours, you decide where you want to fish. It’s your choice whether to target that legendary metre Barramundi at the dams, throw lures or bait in the estuaries and creeks, or salt water action off the many reefs and islands incorporating the net free zone to the north of Mackay.

Departing Victor Creek Boat Ramp I was instantly impressed with the quality of fishing tackle, and boat we were using. Safety was also given the upmost importance. Our first stop was to collect live bait and in doing so explored the interior of Rabbit Island. Using an electric motor, you can explore the mangroves and rivers without disturbing the local wildlife. This is not just fishing but experiencing nature with turtles, dugongs, even the odd crocodile, all regular sightings on these charters.

Black Tip Reef Shark - Daniel Brown

The aforementioned variety in fishing species and the success of the net free zone was evidenced with the first seven fish caught being seven different species. Typically offshore fish such as Cobia, Silver Cobbler and Barracuda were all caught no more than a stone’s throw from the mainland.

For anyone wanting to experience the thrill of fishing, whether it be for the first time, or to sharpen your fishing skills, then Inshore Fishing Mackay is a must do experience.    

Getting Hooked in Mackay
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