Mackay Isaac Tourism Awards 2021

The Mackay Isaac Tourism Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of the regions tourism industry including individuals, businesses (industry operators) and events.

The 2021 program has been modified to provide a more inclusive and streamlined tourism awards, allowing operators to focus on improving their business outcomes by improving the recognised business areas included in the Best of Queensland Experiences Program (BOQEP).

Using the BOQEP ratings as a benchmark for the awards brings a customer led approach to recognising business achievements. It also breaks down barriers to businesses applying – make it less time consuming with the benefit of improving business outcomes.

The reward for the region is Improvement in the customer experience, online booking capacity and social media for regional operators, as they see a direct correlation to winning the award based on an improvement in their business practices.


The Mackay Isaac Tourism Awards aim to:

  • Publicly recognise and reward excellence in the industry;
  • Support improved business planning, development and internal analysis for tourism operators;
  • Provide a benchmark for best practice within the tourism industry;
  • Reinforce the value of the tourism industry;
  • Encourage the continual raising of standards among tourism operators in the region and across Queensland;
  • Promote an annual platform of celebration for the industry and offer networking opportunities for operators, supporters and sponsors alike; 
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