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An escape room is an immersive escape experience. Players are locked inside a themed room and need to work as a team to solve a series of puzzles, riddles and hints in order to escape within the 60 minute time limit.

Escape Rooms Mackay was created as a fun place for families, friends and groups to come together and participate in an interactive leisure activity.


What is an Escape Room?
Escape rooms are a great fun filled team based activity, where players work together in a themed room. Players need to co-operate to search for clues, solve a range of puzzles in order to escape in the 60 minute time limit! Great for groups of friends, families and team building for work and sports groups.

What is the ideal group size?
Our rooms have been designed for 4-5 people, however, up to 6 people can play. If you have booked online but want to add an extra 1-2 people that's fine - just pay the gap when you get to Escape Rooms Mackay. Just remember the room can only have up to 6 people in a game.

Is it safe?
Yes! There are emergency releases on all doors and you are free to leave at any time. The puzzles are more brain than brawn!

How much does it cost?
4 people - $35 per person, 5 people - $33 per person, 6 people - $31 per person

How do I make a booking?
Bookings can be made online by clicking the ‘Book Now’ tab on our website. Payment can be made securely via the booking function. Our office isn't always attended so online bookings are essential.

What if I am late?
Please arrive 15 minutes before your game time. If you are late, this will reduce the time you are in the escape room.

All bookings are non refundable, however, we do allow changes to your booking time if you give us 24 hours notice. If requesting a change and between 2 and 24 hours notice is given, this will incur a rescheduling fee. Less than 2 hours notice or non attendance will result in loss of booking and payment.

Is there an age limit?
Yes, kind of, our escape rooms are geared more towards mid teens and adults due to the level of difficulty and creep factor. Players under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by a paying adult. You are able to bring younger children but be aware there may be scary themes. Some groups of 13 and 14 year olds may find the puzzles a bit too challenging. We are able to provide clues via an in room screen as required.

What do I bring?
Yourself and your friends or family! You won't need anything in the room. Lockers will be provided for your belongings.

Can I take photos or videos?
No photos or videos are allowed to be taken inside the rooms. We will be happy to take a photo for you after the game.

Is there a dress code?
No high heels please as this damages the flooring.

Drugs and alcohol
If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol you will not be able to participate in the room. No refund will be given.

Food and drink
No food or drink is allowed in the room.

There are a small number of parks onsite and plenty of street parking particularly on weekends and weekday nights.

Map & Directions

Location: 344 Alfred Street, Mackay QLD 4740, Australia