Eungelladale Dairy

Retail / Shopping Pioneer Valley & Eungella

Phone: 49584642

EungelladaleThe only milk that is proudly made, pasteurised and bottled in Eungella, Qld


Nestled in the green rolling hills of Eungella, west of Mackay, Eungelladale specialises in bringing milk fresh from the cow to you. Our milk products are unlike any others on the shelf - batch pasteurised and non-homogenised onsite at our dairy then delivered with minimal food miles, so you can ensure that you are getting the best, most fresh, full cream milk around.

Eungelladale is currently distributing its milk to the Mackay region through Bidfood - a firm who specialise in delivering fresh produce to the catering and food service industry.
If you would like to stock Eungelladale Milk, we ask that you please make enquiries through our representative at Bidfood - email: or phone 4952 9444.
If you would like your local coffee shop to use our milk, let them know to add Eungelladale Milk to their next order with Bidfood!

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