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2017 Brooke Lee Modelling Graduation

2017 Brooke Lee Modelling Graduation

3 December


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Doors open at 4.30pm and the show starts a 5.30pm. Brooke Lee Modelling and Deportment School presents their 2017 Modelling Graduation showcasing their students of 2017. This year their students will be performing their class routines and single routines on the catwalk and stage. This is their annual event for the students to perform for an audience, friends and family to build their confidence and self esteem and also for friends and family to see how much the students have grown since starting the course. The show is a wonderful and exciting night. All students graduate at their level - Beginners, Intermediate, Advance, Model Update 1 and 2. Join them for a great show for all ages, it definitely will be a show you will never forget.

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