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Living Universe Mackay

Living Universe Mackay

9 - 14 August

At  Birch Carroll and Coyle

This August, science soars into deep space in Living Universe, an Australian feature documentary tackling the momentous question: are we alone? Narrated by everyone’s favourite scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Australian astrophysicist Professor Tamara Davis, the film will screen nationally at Event Cinemas on 9, 10, 11, 13 and 14 August 2018. An interstellar adventure searching for life on another planet, the film follows the 50-year journey of a starship piloted by artificial intelligence, Captain Artemis (voiced by Prof Davis) to an imaginary planet Minerva B, set 150 years in the future. The speculative voyage is presented alongside interviews with the world’s top scientific visionaries, drawing from their expertise to offer insights into our collective future exploring deep space.

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