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I Want To Know What Love Is

I Want To Know What Love Is

On Wednesday 13th March 2019


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Around the world, people love. They sing for love, dance for love, compose poems and stories about love. Tell myths and legends about love. They pine, live, kill and die for love. Anthropologists have found evidence of romantic love in 170 societies. They’ve never found a society that did not have it. Helen Fisher, The Brain In Love. I Want To Know What Love Is throws a spotlight on long-buried memories, bedroom fantasies, crushes and conquests. Acclaimed Queensland performance collective The Good Room asked members of the public to anonymously submit their stories of love - fragments and memories, confessions and admissions – and they’ve transformed those submissions into magnificent declarations centre stage. Submission #87: “It’s been years, but I still think of you and wonder ‘What could have been?’” Submission #346: “I choose to say it did not fail. It just finished.” Following a sold-out premiere season in Brisbane Festival 2014 with Queensland Theatre, the work had a subsequent sold-out return at Brisbane Powerhouse’s Wonderland Festival in 2015, and a Melbourne season at Provocare Festival in 2017. This thrilling production is on national tour in 2018. This is for everyone who’s ever loved or hurt. This is for you.

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