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We’ve Only Just Begun – The Music of the Carpenters

We’ve Only Just Begun – The Music of the Carpenters

On Friday 29th March 2019


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MAP Pharmacies West Mackay and Ooralea Morning Melodies 2019. The Carpenters were one of the most successful and cherished bands of all time. Recording some of the greatest love songs in pop music history, they captivated not one but three generations of fans. We’ve Only Just Begun is a moving music-filled performance that celebrates the hits of the band. Australian music theatre star, Angela Lumicisi’s spellbinding performance follows Karen Carpenter’s transformation from a little girl behind a drum kit to one of the brightest stars of the 70s. While Karen was entertaining and inspiring the world, Angela was an Italian girl struggling with growing up in the confines of her traditional life in Melbourne. Karen and Angela’s lives begin to intertwine through their struggles and their loves as Angela finds the strength to be the person she’s always wanted to be. Karen’s soaring and heart wrenching vocals spoke to Angela. Angela Lumicisi channels Karen Carpenter’s unique voice to recreate the distinctive style that made the Carpenters among the best-selling artists of all time. If you cherish the music of the Carpenters, long to hear it live again, if you love great singing and lush melodies, don’t miss this fabulous show.

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