Mackay Isaac's Lucky Catch and Snap 

A family friendly inclusive fishing event that incorporates key Mackay
and Isaac fishing locations. A mobile app based event with a catch
and release aspect. Capture your catch through the app and it will
measure it's size, location, and species.

You will be able to compete with friends and track your progress.
There will be daily cash prizes, merchandise and prize packs up
for grabs. Prizes will be drawn daily via fish species, location and size.

This event is open to everyone from first time anglers, through to
those that know how to wrestle a 5kg Sooty Grunter in the boat!

fish boat

Download the app by scanning the QR code or clicking the link:

qr code PNG25 qr code PNG25
Apple Store Link Android Store Link

For more information on upcoming events within Queensland check out


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