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Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde

22 - 24 June
Times vary per day

At  The Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre

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4961 9777

Meet the most delightfully evil man alive: Mr Jekyll, a man so evil he punches the cleaning lady, drop-kicks a precious quokka and yells ‘shark’ at the beach. Jekyll and Hyde reveals the horror lurking everywhere in our lives and blows it up into comedy of epic proportions, blending life in the modern world with a distinctly Victorian morality tale. Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is reinvented as a sexy (yet gloriously scary) comedy adventure set in the heart of Wellington. Jekyll is the man who washes and separates his recycling before putting it out. Hyde is the man who uses the last of the toilet roll and doesn’t replace it before leaving the bathroom. Who does that? Who is this mad man?! Please note: This event is General Admission in Plenary Hall A. Please note: Strong language and adult themes. Age recommendation: Suggested 15+ years.

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