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Polyglot Theatre’s We Built This City

Polyglot Theatre’s We Built This City

6 November
10:00am - 6:30pm

At  The Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre

[email protected]

4961 9777

We Built This City is a giant cardboard construction site, involving the whole family in building the cities and towns of their dreams. Thousands of cardboard boxes take over big, open public spaces and each child’s unique creation reflects the time and place of their immediate culture. What evolves in Washington is entirely different to Singapore. These buildings don’t inspect themselves, so Polyglot artists roam the site, entertaining and engaging with kids building skyscrapers, tunnels and sprawling estates. There’s even a rocking sound track. The season ends with the city being shaken and stomped to the ground. The children enter We Built This City with one simple rule – HAVE FUN. They are faced with hundreds of tumbled cardboard boxes, closed up with tape. They start to build things, by simply putting one box on top of another. After a while in the space, they find a thousand different ways to build and construct, with one easy material. Adults enjoy the challenge as much as the children, not only remembering their own childhood in this way, but genuinely enjoying the task. Performers are in the space to enrich the world they ask their participants to engage with.

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