Whether you are a local, a traveller or someone who just wants to know more about Mackay, the following list of blogs are sure to provide you with some enlightening facts about the sugar city.

From the best places to explore, hidden gems, Instagram-worthy cafes and tips from locals, these blogs are a lighthearted way for you to discover Mackay.

Luke Galea is a mad keen recreational angler from Mackay, who spends every spare minute wetting a line somewhere. He's been 'hooked' since the age of 4! Luke is an avid fishing writer, with his own website and is an expert on the diverse array of target species and locations to fish in and around Mackay. Fishing is more than a lifestyle choice for Luke... it's a way of life!  

Getting Hooked in Mackay

Getting Hooked in Mackay

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? So, for once it’s not the kids in the back seat. This time it’s your partner’s inner child coming out in anticipation of tangling with a chrome-sided, bucket-mouthed, leaping Barramundi whilst fishing in Mackay.

Honestly, who could blame them, the fishing here is amazing. Oh, and while you are here, you may as well tick Fingermark, Mangrove Jack, Threadfin Salmon, Queenfish, Sooty Grunter, Saratoga, Coral Trout and Spanish Mackerel off your bucket list as well. You see if it has fins, swims and is an iconic Australian sports-fish highly prized by many, you will find it here in Mackay. It’s not hard to see why really, considering the diversity of aesthetically pleasing landscapes and abundance of species present in this fishing mecca.

Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced angler, whether you are young or young at heart, the options are literally endless and are only bounded by your sense of adventure. Heck, you don’t even need a boat to get amongst the trophy fish here. Fishing off the numerous rock walls, estuarine banks or dedicated fishing platform/pontoons puts you right in the game.