The Cremer Shipwreck Dive Site - Keswick Island

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The Cremer was a 50 metre passenger and cargo ship that was employed in trading with Indonesia, Singapore and China. It ran aground off St Bees Island (nearby Keswick Island) during a major storm in September 1943. Luckily, there were no casualties.

The ship was stripped of all major equipment and then abandoned. It is suggested that there were even picnics held on the wreck whilst it was aground; however, after a few major storms the ship was finally taken from the shore, and laid to rest in waters nearby St Bees.

A wreck, believed to be the Cremer, was discovered in September 1984. The remains of the iron hull, engine blocks, propeller shaft, flywheel and deck machinery can be seen. The engine area is mostly intact, with two engines (each about 8 metres long) and a propeller shaft still attached. It is now a popular site for snorkelling and diving site, home to Brown Sweetlip, Honeycomb Grouper and turtles.

This wreck site provides amazing diving within a short distance from Keswick Island.

Map & Directions

Location: Keswick Island, Keswick Island, Queensland 4741 Australia