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Welcome to the Mackay Region, where living in paradise is a part of everyday life.

More than 120,000 people call the Mackay Region home, with 70,000 living in the city of Mackay itself. Nestled on the banks of the Pioneer River, Queensland’s only blue water river; Mackay encompasses all of the conveniences of a big city.

Large shopping centres and a newly-renovated CBD provide multiple retail possibilities, while riverside cafes and beachside resorts create an idyllic work / life balance.

Investment opportunities provide many attractive possibilities in the Mackay Region. Land and properties are a fraction of the cost to buy or rent, in comparison to larger capital cities, yet the surrounding area provides a better lifestyle. Less stress, less commuting time to work and less congestion in recreational areas.

There is an abundance of education providers in the Mackay Region, with excellent academic and extracurricular opportunities from Prep to High School. Mackay is also home to CQ University, with many young adults opting to stay in the region to further their education.

The economic diversity in the Mackay Region continues to grow as the financial climate changes and evolves. The Mackay Region is the largest sugar cane producing region in Australia, serviced by the largest bulk export sugar terminal in the world at the Port of Mackay.

The inland Bowen Basin coal mines continue to produce a large percentage of Australia’s export coal and the diversity of the region spreads beyond primary industries alone, a maturing and developing tourism industry is a large economic driver, with over a half million domestic visitors to the region each year. 

One of the top reasons people love to live in Mackay is the tropical climate. Summers consist of hot balmy days with cooling evening rain, while the remainder of the year provides invariably blue skies and sunshine.

To find out more about the Mackay Regional Council and Isaac Regional Council, visit their websites below.

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