Whether you are a local, a traveller or someone who just wants to know more about Mackay, the following list of blogs are sure to provide you with some enlightening facts about the sugar city.

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7 ways to discover Mackay like a true local

7 ways to discover Mackay like a true local

Everyone knows locals have the best tips and tricks for travellers...after all we know our town like the back of our hand! Read know you want to.

1. Pies for days

If you want to feel absolutely exhausted but also like you've well and truly made the most of your Sunday - head for a drive up to Finch Hatton Gorge in the Pioneer Valley for a hike and swim. It's also pretty much compulsory for locals to stop in at the Pinnacle Pub - sunburnt and still wearing togs - for a pie, peas and gravy on your way home. You're guaranteed to see someone you know there at lunch time on a Sunday, but hey, everyone else will look as dishevelled as you. The quality of your afternoon nap after a long day in the car will be worth the effort.